Education Helps People to know God and Reduce Poverty

The poverty is often quoted as sin which leads to all types of crimes. The poverty-hit society is always plagued by almost all evils which check the way to prosperity. The main cause of this problem is ignorance and luck of creativity by members of our society yet the society with access to health and education is nurtured with broadening vision and people start thinking beyond self and are encircled with humanity. At present we are living in a society where in and around there are lots of complexities which are leading to the death of many God’s people to even diseases which are curable among others. Even the roots of terrorism are grounded in societies like this one where people are living plagued by poverty. The effects of poverty by one corner of the world affects the whole world directly or indirectly.


For such society to survive for centuries the young kids must be facilitated to acquire education which will eventually cause positive changes, otherwise it will collapse like roof without walls. The development in all shapes, like that of body, mind, soul and even that of infrastructures can be taken care of by education, it becomes very easy for an educated society to know and respect the master creator (GOD) because the people’s sense of reasoning have been developed.


We ask you to join us to educate the girl child; your contribution to The Children’s Future Foundation NGO will be great, we are very sure that nothing can be very small when we come together towards a given cause.