I was born 1980 to the late Ssenyonga Peter who died in 1993 when I was in primary 4.

I grew up at my grand mother’s and after completing primary seven I moved to the capital city of Uganda (Kampala) to start my secondary education. My move to Kampala was for two reasons: 1. to look for work so that I could earn my school fees and 2. my family did not have the money to pay for my secondary education.

I joined a school which taught us half days so that I could find work that would pay for the school fees. Each day, after school, I would sell yellow bananas on the streets of Kampala to earn money.

When I was in Senior 3, I had the idea of starting a school to help the needy so that they would not suffer the way I was suffering. In 2000 I told a few friends and relatives about my vision and we all agreed that education was not enough to help our community so we agreed to go beyond education so that we would be able to touch many peoples lives by improving their socio-economic capacities.  We decided to start an NGO to help our people. In the meeting I was elected the president of the organization.

After I completed my advanced level education, I proceeded to the University, and paid for it by myself because getting a scholarship from our government was very difficult mostly because the government was only giving scholarships for sciences.

I hold a B.A Development studies and I am yet to graduate with M.A Leadership and Human relations Studies.

I have done a number of activities to help the peopele of my community. These activities are done as a volunteer. I receive no pay for any of these activities. I spent most of my time teaching at Highway S.S Kiganda and lecturing at one of the university for 2 years.

I believe in team work; building good relations. I believe in helping others because my success is only possible because of the help of other.  I wish to pass this on.

When I help others I don’t feel it is a loss because I believe that if I help one person, am really impacting many people. The help overflows into the lives of others that that person impacts. it even impacts me because when I help others I receive more than I give! The respect I get is always greater than what I give.