Have you done your part to be the best fit?

[This counsel was given to the students of Highway Secondary School Kiganda by Emmanuel Kwizeera, a former student of Highway Secondary School. Having had his entire secondary school and high school education at the school, Emmanuel excelled in academics and currently works with the Government of Uganda. Emmanuel and other “old students” under their umbrella body, Highway Old Students’ Association (HOSA Kiganda) continue to influence the experience of students and staff of Highway Secondary School Kiganda].

I always wake up to the voices and echoes of dissatisfaction and complaints all over the air space, engaging in talks of how the system is unjust, rotten, with a lot of that anger in hearts of many, how I couldn’t be like this or that if it was not this or that. It leaves sober minds perplexed and wondering, and weaker minds in sympathy; bandwagoning the crew without being inquisitive of how, when and where it all started. Did I do my part? Do I have the moral authority to blame others for my failures or weaknesses, and mistakes I made because I was doing the opposite of what was expected of me? Even in the first world where talent is most respected, you need to do your part first, and identification of your uniqueness is based on the prowess of distinguishing and setting self apart from the many. In the most prestigious intelligence agencies of our time, they screen and only admit the giants. It’s the only giantism that can buy you a ticket to fly in space, its giantism that can make you rub shoulders with “royals” but it won’t happen if you have not done your part. Continue Reading